Our Drink Philosophy

Bardic’s number one drink philosophy centers around quality. This philosophy permeates every decision we make and is why we choose to do things like press our own apples, brew with premium yeast individually chosen for each specific beer, use whole strawberries in our strawberry-hibiscus cider, and use as much of the intentionally chosen grains as we need to achieve the flavor we desire.

On Beer from our Head Brewer

When I first began making beer, I was frustrated at how watery and bland it was. It felt like my options were “plain” or “plain and hoppy.” I resolved that my beers would become bold, rich, malty, and a celebration of the grains that go into them, not simply the few hops that so often receive center stage. With Bardic, I take every opportunity to create beers that are exceptional both in their strength and depth of flavor. I find the English, Irish, and Scottish styles to be beautiful examples of these qualities, and so it is from that starting point which I boldly roam.

On Cider from our Head Cider Maker

Cider is beautiful. It can take so many different forms and I love exploring among them. I’m fascinated by the effect that simply changing the yeast can have. Or what changes by adding a new variety of apple to the blend. Or how the apple flavor carries different spices, sugars, and other fruits. This delight in exploration is the backbone of my cider making. I strive to honor the apples but not idolize them so you will find some of my ciders allowing the apple to shine in center stage while other ciders have notes of apple that support the other flavors the spotlight.

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