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It is that time of year again! If the road construction on Sullivan has you down, here is a handy map for other ways to find us!

About Us

We are creating a family-friendly brewpub in Spokane Valley, where we can create and serve amazing craft drinks and equally amazing food. A place where we can play games and enjoy our community, where our conversations won’t have to compete with TVs or loud music.

When you walk in, you may see, at the table nearest the fireplace hearth, mugs of stouts being savored over conversations of ancient literature while at the next table over you’ll find a family laughing over a half finished pizza, next to friends enjoying a couple of ESBs, a cider, and a heated game of Magic the Gathering.

Meet the Makers

Mark Haney – Brewer

Mark started his brewing habit over 10 years ago with a couple of friends, a bucket from Courtney’s grandpa, and a ‘just add water’ kit. It was terrible. It sparked Mark’s interest in the process, however, and he has since taken that little plastic bucket and turned it into an 8 foot gravity fed tower of deliciousness. With said tower of deliciousness he loves to brew rich, full-bodied beers like, Singularity, his Russian Imperial Stout and, Prefect’s ESB, his Extra Special Bitter.

Courtney Haney – Cider Maker

Courtney started cider after being inspired by the awesome, and sometimes wacky, local ciders she’s fallen in love with. She’s creating a method to her madness and it is resulting in ciders that pack a punch. Experimentation is the name of the game in Courtney’s book and you can look forward to the developments of more awesome ciders!

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